It’s nice to see someone can write a letter to the editor defending James Dolan (above) besides his dad. From the March 12, 2007 issue of Sports Illustrated

Your article on Madison Square Garden chairman and Cablevision Systems president and CEO Jim Dolan (“Lord Jim”, Feb. 12), a man I’ve known for more than 18 years, is way over the line. You have done your readers a disservice by taking recycled comments from disgruntled former employees — both on and off the record — and making them the platform for your article. Jim, meanwhile, has achieved a lot in his personal and professional lives, not the lease of which has been been serving for the past 12 years as CEO as one of the nation’s best performing media companies and navigating it through the choppiest waters in the history of the media business, and spearheading efforts to raise millions for pancreatic cancer research — all but unmentioned in your decidely uncharitable portrait. Thomas S. Rogers, President and CEO, TiVo Inv., Alviso, CA

Indeed, Mr. Rogers makes a fine point. Rather than castigate Dolan for destroying the Knicks and nearly doing as much damage to the Rangers, we should hail his achievements. For instance, he was born with the last name “Dolan.”

And the Straight Shot played Bonnaroo last year.

OK, that’s it. I’m all out