Ticked off after fouling off a Cliff Lee pitch on Monday, AL home run leader and MVP candidate LF Carlos Quentin fractured his right wrist against his own bat. This time, it wasn’t the bat that broke.

White Sox slugger Carlos Quentin will undergo surgery Monday on his fractured right wrist and will be re-evaluated in two to three weeks.

Quentin didn’t rule out returning but called his right wrist fracture “a freak thing.” He said he hurt it while fouling off a pitch in his final at-bat Monday, slamming his right hand against the knob of the bat.

“What did happen was kind of unfortunate. It’s kind of something that, you know, I still have trouble believing that it happened that way,” Quentin said Friday.

“My last at-bat, the second pitch I fouled off against Lee. Something I’ve done thousands of times since I was a kid — a little frustrated. I had the bat in my left hand, and I just kind of hit down on the bat head with my right hand with a closed fist. I kind of hit a little bit low, nicked my wrist and finished the at-bat.

“Forty minutes later, I started feeling something in my wrist. I woke up the next morning and that was that. Something I’ve done a lot, and unfortunately it hit the bone perfectly. Not a good spot.”

Taking up the slack tonight against Dustin Mosley and the Angels in the first includes one Paul Konerko, hitting over .400 in the last seven games. Seconds ago, a Ken Griffey Jr. single up the middle drove in Dye and Pierzynski, putting the Sox up 2-0.