Declaring his numbers to be “true and not tainted”, happy go lucky Albert Belle discusses further plans for his post-playing days with Street & Smith’s annual Baseball magazine. (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

S&S: You returned to Arizona State to receive your degree in accounting. What led to the decision to return to school?

Belle: œI finished college in the summer of 2003. I took four classes at Arizona State and had it [the credits] transferred to Louisiana State. I received my degree in accounting. Back then [1987] I left school early, in my junior year. I had promised my parents, who are both teachers that I would return to school and receive my degree. I™m not trying to pursue my master™s or my CPA, but I would [really] like to get an ownership in baseball. I have been invited a couple times to work with teams during spring training, but I have declined because what I really want is ownership. I want to build my own team.

S&S: What else have you been doing with yourself since retiring from baseball?

Belle: œI™ve been involved in real estate. Scottsdale, Ariz., is the hottest real estate market in the country right now. With the wheeling and dealing of real estate I want to make enough capital to purchase my own pro basketball or baseball team.

Having shown demonstrated a deft touch when dealing with the public and media, Belle is exactly the kind of guy the NBA or MLB would consider to be ownership material.

Through all the crazy things that have occured in America’s stadiums and arenas, there’s one line that hasn’t been crossed : the paying customer, physically assaulted by the owner of a major sports franchise.

I’m not counting the Washington Capitals, by the way.