Midfielder Roy Keane has completed his midseason move from Manchester United to Celtic, and the Guardian’s Daniel Taylor seems to be predicting fireworks.

Gordon Strachan is recruiting someone who despises mediocrity so it remains to be seen how the perfectionist in Keane will adjust to life north of the border. Only time will tell how he accepts the thud-and-blunder football that is witnessed in Scotland.

At United the players’ cars are washed while they train. Their bags are carried for them as they walk through airports. And there are electrically heated seats in the home dugout. The 500-strong workforce does not include a shoeshine boy, but it cannot be long.

Such luxuries might not be available at Celtic. If their relationship is to be a fulfilling one, Strachan might have to make it clear early on that he does not need a particularly aggressive former boxer pointing out every small failing.

Football phobic Will Leitch sagely observes that Keane’s move to Glasgow “could further signify the end of the Manchester United era.” Why is it necessary to remind this jackass (again) that Glazer’s crap investment finished 3rd in the last two Premiership campaigns and are currently 9 points behind Chelsea? “The Manchester United Era” ended a couple of years ago. This is kind of like wondering how well the Yankees will defend their 2000 World Series championship in 2006.