I suppose this means we’ll have to wait another year for “I’ve Got The Hook-Up II”.

From the Associated Press.

Master P will fill the dancing shoes of his teen rapper son, Romeo, who has dropped out of ABC’s reality competition “Dancing With the Stars” because of a basketball injury.

The hip-hop mogul, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, is CEO of No Limit Records. In recent years, he has tried out for different NBA teams, including the Sacramento Kings and the Denver Nuggets.

He will be paired with professional dancer Ashly DelGrosso for the competition, the network announced Wednesday.

Some will insist that this unwatchable program is an adaptation of the BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing”, but the fact of the matter is that Cumbucket Media’s television arm pitched a series called “Dancing With Matt Stairs” several years ago. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that no broadcast or cable outlet picked it up, and I’m really not angry, just mostly disappointed for Matt.