Taking into account the NBA’s decision to fine Boston’s Glen Davis $25K for telling an unruly Pistons fan to “suck my dick”, Celtics Hub’s Zach Lowe is willing “to give Baby a pass on this one” (“I don’t think I could ever get used to someone screaming unflattering things at me all the time”), pointing a finger at Davis’ tormentor.

I have no problem with Glen Davis telling a jerky fan to shut up, even if he uses unsavory language in doing so. (Glen™s biggest problem was that TV and radio broadcasts caught his comments live). For this fan, Scott Zack, to file a complaint with NBA security is ridiculous. You go to an NBA game, you spend two quarters calling a player œfat and œchubs, and then you act surprised when the player fires back at you?

Scott Zack should be embarrassed. He deserved what he got. I hope Zack™s friends laughed at him when Davis finally cracked and responded. What a sniveling little coward.

Again: I understand what the league is doing. It has an interest in preventing anything like the 2004 Indy-Detroit brawl, and so it has an interest in eliminating heated encounters between players and fans. But if sports leagues fined every player who talked back to heckling fans, they™d be giving out a lot of fines.