The recent decision by the Minnesota Vikings to ban rookie hazing has been in the papers the past two days, but who’d have known just how badly the edict would cramp the style of Fred Smoot?  From the Austin American-Statesman.

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Fred Smoot couldn’t wait to get rookie cornerback Cedric Griffin from Texas to training camp.

Entering his sixth NFL season, Smoot has become an expert in rookie hazing.

“When we first got here, Smoot and some of those guys were talking about shaving my eyebrows off, cutting my dreadlocks, shaving people’s legs, pouring water on me when I go to sleep,” said Griffin, a second-round draft choice.

But new coach Brad Childress put a stop to hazing this year, which has made life easier for his first-year players.

While rookies across the league lie awake at night wondering when the vets are coming for them, Griffin dozes off peacefully.

“I’m happy about the situation,” he said. “I can actually go to sleep at night.”