Manchester United 3, Celtic 2

I was flipping channels at 30,000 feat and Ole Gunar Solskjaer came on the small screen, scoring in the 47th minute. I knew it wasn’t ESPN Classic, and I was pretty certain it wasn’t VH-1 classic, either. Perhaps the Elias Koteas Sports Bureau can let us know if this marks the longest gap between Champions League goals for one player with the same team.

Louis “Knowing Me, Knowing You” Saha scored an earlier pair of goals for United.

Leonardo DiCaprio is about 25 pounds (and one anvil to the forehead) away from being ready to star in “The Wayne Rooney Story”

Hamburg 1, Arsenal 2

Hamburg goalkeeper Sasha Kirchstein was sent off for his 9th minute takedown of Robin Van Persie. Gilberto Silva, spelling the recouperating Thierry Henry, converted from the spot for Arsenal’s first goal.

Paragon of team spirit Ashley Cole has described his former Arsenal teammates as “selfish” and “lazy” in a forthcoming tell-all. Apparently, Drew Rosenhaus found him a capable ghostwriter.