White Sox 8, Angels 0

I hopped in the family wagon after getting off a long flight this afternoon, and promptly turned to XM’s feed of KSPN’s broadcast of today’s Chicago/Anaheim encounter.

The handy XM scrolling text revealed the White Sox were comfortably ahead in the bottom of the 8th, and when the Angels’ Adam Kennedy took Chicago starter Freddy Garcia to a 3-2 count, the crowd noise was considerable, even more so when Kennedy singled to center field.

I learned a moment or two later that Garcia was four outs away from a perfect game. And there I was, thinking Orange County baseball fans were the ultimate optimists.

Paul Konerko double, singled 3 times and drove in a pair of runs bringing his RBI total to 105.  With Jim Thome sitting on 99 after today, the White Sox have a shot at 4 guys in their batting order with 100 or runs driven in for the season (Paulie, Thome, Dye, and Joe Crede with 93 to date).