The Capello Index, an online player ratings system previously endorsed by England manager Fabio Capello, wasn’t supposed to publish crummy grades for England’s underachievers on the F.A.’s own website.  At least that’s the stance of an enraged Capello, who insisted the page be taken offline, which it was….for a while. And then it was back…again.   From the Guardian’s Simon Burton :

The project, originally announced before the World Cup, was delayed until the competition’s completion because of Capello’s involvement with England. The website finally went live last week, with many England players receiving notably poor ratings for their performances in South Africa. Capello immediately said he had not given his permission for the ratings to be published. “I did not authorise this and am angry the index was published,” he said.

The Football Association released a statement on Saturday insisting that “Mr Capello’s representatives have taken immediate steps to have the material taken down,” but to his embarrassment no action was taken over the weekend. Action was promised today and shortly after 9am visitors to the website were greeted by no more than an error message.