If you think the above headline is terrible, wait ’til my YouTube apology!  Since Robinson Cano-baiter Dan Tordjamn’s tweets are protected, we’ll have to rely on the New York Daily News’ Mark Feinsand for the North Carolina TV reporter’s full mea culpa.

“On 9/20 I tweeted I expected #MLB to announce @RobinsonCano tested positive for PEDs. This information was FALSE. (cont’d)

“I, @CoxMediaGroup, and @WSOC_TV all apologize to Mr. #Cano, and to the #Yankees and their fans. (cont’d)

“I shouldn’t have posted false info about #Cano, and afterward, I should’ve admitted it was false and apologized right away. I am very sorry.”

The station also issued an on-air apology to Cano. As part of the apology, Tordjman made a contribution to the Robinson Cano Foundation.

“When journalists and media outlets act unprofessionally and negligently and submit false statements about a fine person and great player, we’re happy that the apology was issued,” said Scott Boras, Cano’s agent.

(ADDENDUM – Tordjman’s Twitter account is no longer protected).