The surviving members of the ’72 Dolphins aren’t alone in hoping the Indianapolis Colts fail in their attempt to go undefeated, writes the Baltimore Sun’s Rick Maese.

You’d think the passion might waver this late in the year. Fifteen weeks into the season, football fans in Baltimore haven’t had much to celebrate. Yet this weekend, they’ll wake up like every other Sunday and start wishing and hoping and setting their TiVos.

We’re not talking about the Ravens right now. On Sunday, a good portion of area football fans will be focusing as much bad energy as they can muster on the Chargers-Colts game.

Can you feel our negative vibes, Indy? It should be hitting you from the east and should be resonating early in the first quarter Sunday.

If Peyton Manning juggles a snap, if Edgerrin James bobbles a handoff, if Marvin Harrison lets a pass slip through his hands, you might wonder how it could happen. Here in Baltimore, we all know. Most of the people in Charm City believe in football karma, and if Johnny U. has any pull up there in the Eternal End Zone, the Colts will soon reap what they’ve sown.

Today, there are some fans who see Manning and remember Unitas. They see James and remember Lenny Moore. They see Harrison and remember Raymond Berry.

But most fans just see that horseshoe and remember the Mayflower trucks.

That makes forgiving difficult, even in this holiday season.

“The Colts betrayed Baltimore. … Until they relinquish the name, the colors and the uniforms, the current Colts are football imposters and civic traitors,” wrote one fan. “I hope they win every game in the regular season and lose the AFC championship in the most heartbreaking, memorable fashion.”

Most around here think that would be fitting. You want to know about losing the big one, Indy? Come talk to Baltimore. The people here know about loss.