Despite presiding over what could well become the most successful Mets campaign in a generation, owner Fred Wilpon has been keeping a super low profile this season.  Good thing too, as I’d use every available opportunity to knock him for everything from his daughter in law’s cooking to Chris Cotter’s hair.  Fred’s nobody’s fool (except maybe the Glavine family’s) and as much, he’s in no hurry to chat with the New York Times’ Murray Chass.

What is Wilpon™s reason for not talking? Has the Mets™ owner taken a vow of silence? Is he superstitious? Does he think if he talks about his terrific team he will jinx it, that the Mets won™t win the National League East title? Or does he want to stay out of the way and let his baseball people get the credit for the great job they have done?

Wilpon, who at 69 is seven years younger than George Steinbrenner, has not been heard from throughout the Mets™ march to October. A request was made through Jay Horwitz, the team™s vice president for media relations, for an interview with Wilpon, but the owner declined, preferring to have General Manager Omar Minaya serve as the public spokesman for the team.

Now New York has two invisible owners. Wilpon never wanted to match Steinbrenner™s bombast. Now he has matched his silence.

Truth is, Fred is very aware that any one-to-one discussion with members of the Fourth Estate is bound to bring up the matter of Scott Schafer’s Cock or David Wright’s faith.