I’ve taken some grauitious shots at Baseball Musings’ David Pinto before, and as you’ve probably guessed, it’s just because I’m resentful that he earns a percentage of CSTB’s BlogAds revenue. In fact, I’m so conflicted about this fact, I’ve gone very far out of my way to make the blog as unappealing as possible, to ensure he’ll get less dough (and it’s working!)

However, in the interests of giving credit where it is due, Mr. Pinto has considered Jacob Luft’s thoughts on the use of Human Growth Hormone, and much like the Monsanto Corporation, has concluded that Without Chemicals, Life Itself Would Be Impossible. Or to quote Lisa Suckdog (possibly not a a fixture on the Pinto family stereo), Drugs Are Nice.

To those who object on the grounds that they want “natural” athletes, I say why should the luck of genetics be the sole criteria for success? Just because Frank Thomas was born big and strong, why should he get all the money? Or Manny. Or Thome. I’d rather watch Pedro pitch ten more years than suffer through more Jeff Weavers. Put Pedro and Maddux and Glavine and Clemens on it now, so we can keep enjoying their skills! I mean, look what it did for Jason Grimsley! Oh, never mind.

The Yankees’ Gary Sheffield will undergo surgery on his injured left wrist next Tuesday, and is expected to be out of action until September. I was hopeful the New York Daily News’ Sam Borden would have some tidbit about whether or not the Yankees might look outside the organization for outfield help, but perhaps that will come in tomorrow’s edition. In the meantime, he does manage to recall the white-hot controversy over the lyrics to Ini Kamoze’s “Here Comes The Hotstepper”

(the lyrical gangster, still looked upon fondly in the Bronx)

Deadspin’s Will Leitch reports that amongst the names squealed by Jason Grimsley in the magik-markered-to-death affidavit is Albert Pujols’ personal trainer Chris Mihlfeld. You know, I’ve had some nasty things to say in the past about Cardinals fans and their delusional embrace of first class fraud Mark McGwire, but there’s something kind of touching about Redbird Nation’s top apologist doing his journalistic duty to destroy the reputation of his favorite team’s franchise player. Nice one, Will. Now you know how the sausages are made.