Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but there might be a feud brewing at the Worldwide Leader that has nothing to do with A-Rod trade talk.

Professional dipshit Colin Cowherd has already stated his opposition to Prince as CBS and the NFL’s choice for the next Super Bowl halftime show. On today’s “Sports Bash”, ESPN Radio’s Eric Kuselias (above) took an opposing viewpoint, insisting that Prince was “very cool”.

“Who doesn’t like Prince?” wondered Kuselias. “If you’re not into Prince, you’re the kind of person that still champions grunge music and says ‘that’s how I roll’. ”

He forgot to add “and beats off to Courtney Love”, but I do understand this is mainstream radio. Anyway, not only would it be neat if Cowherd responded, but a knife fight in the parking lot remains a possibility, however remote.