Bulls rookie F Joakim Noah already managed to piss off deposed coach Scott Skiles within a month of the former’s NBA debut, and now he’s butting heads with assistant Ron Adams. Apparently, Da Bulls’ vets voted to sit Noah for a second straight game yesterday, a development Matt from Blog A Bull calls “a joke”.

If you’re going to play this “galvanizing the team” game, it shouldn’t be initiated by Adrian Griffin and Ben Wallace: someone who doesn’t play, and someone who can no longer play (and is known for clashing with coaches himself!). And then have it endorsed by a lame-duck coach.

Oh, and you can’t then walk on the floor with this welling of team spirit…and then give up 38 in the first quarter. Lose to the Hawks by 21.

This kind of story can perhaps be told about a great team with a track record of success. But these players have done nothing to earn minutes or power, and not only have they gotten a coach fired but they’re now handing out disciplinary measures.

Matt’s remarks are ably echoed by the Chicago Tribune’s Steve Rosenberg :

Talk of “respect” from one of the many spineless co-conspirators who quit on Scott Skiles? Wallace trying to sound like a bastion of integrity?

Boylan obviously has allowed his authority to be placed in a blind trust for the rest of his short tenure here, and Wallace records the double-double of “Biggest Hypocrite” and “Biggest Waste of Money”.

The next time some Cowherdian fucktard tells you the NBA a) is snoozy compared to college hoops, b) isn’t worth watching until the playoffs or c) just hasn’t mattered since MJ/Bird/Magic/George Mikan retired, take some solace in knowing that if you watched most or all of yesterday’s Raptors double OT win over the Blazers, at least you know better.