Last December, Ole Miss Men’s basketball coach Andy Kennedy (above) — currently trailing LSU, 30-15 with 8 minutes remaining in the first half — was arrested on charges of assaulting and racial abusing a Cincinnati cab driver, an incident which led to Kennedy suing his accuser for defamation of characterWLWT’s Eric Flak reports Kennedy’s wife Kimber, has filed a suit of her own, claiming the charges brought by cabbie Mohamed Jiddou have wrecked the couple’s sex life.

I’ve heard of some lame excuses in my time (ie. I’ve used most of them), including (but not limited to) tight pants, excessive drinking, “you won’t wear the Nixon mask over the back of your head” and most frequently “you make me fucking sick” “I’ve got to get up early tomorrow”….and shall make a mental note to try this one someday.