(Darla Adams — someone killed his entire family so he could take her to the prom)

From the AP

South Bend, IN – A jury convicted a man Friday of killing his father, stepmother and two stepsisters 17 years ago inside their church parsonage home so he could attend some high school prom events.

The St. Joseph County jury found Jeffrey Pelley, now 34, guilty on four counts of murder after deliberating more than 25 hours since Wednesday. Pelley faces up to 260 years in prison when he is sentenced September 15.

Investigators said Pelley was angry because his father had grounded him for stealing and would allow him to attend only the prom dance, causing him to miss a prom dinner, a bowling alley party and an outing the next day at an amusement park outside Chicago.

Prosecutors alleged Pelley shot his family members on the evening of the prom, disposed of the shotgun and shells, took a shower, put his clothes in the washer and left for the prom.

Pelley’s defense attorneys argued there wasn’t enough time for him to have done all that and still make it to the LaVille High School prom.

They also said no one could commit such a gruesome attack and still act “normal” during the prom events, as his friends testified during the trial.

Were he not a) so long in the tooth and b) priced a little out of their stratosphere, Liev Schrieber might be perfect for the inevitable Lifetime movie.