“What recession?” chuckled WFAN’s Richard Neer upon hearing news of the Redskins inking DT Albert Haynesworth to a 7-years, $100 million pact on Friday.  And while only $41 million of that amount is guaranteed, the otherwise celebratory Chris Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant is all-too aware Haynesworth is just the latest in a long line of veteran superstars who’ve cashed in big time during Dan Snyder’s reign of error.  That said, this isn’t Bruce Smith or Deion Sanders at the end of the line, and while Washington’s new acquisition oughta be enough to give Giants fans pause, there’s at least one person with a rooting interest in Indy who is pleased with the move.

This means Fat Albert, a guy who routinely took plays off and once stepped on an opposing player’s face with his cleats, is the highest paid defensive player in football. For us, the positive is this fat tub of crap is out of the AFC South. Sure, he was lazy. He was also damn talented. When he finally did put his mind to something, he was hard to block. For Titans fans, this loss is the equivalent of the Colts losing Peyton Manning. Haynesworth WAS the Titans. He was their best player. He was the lynch pin that held their outstanding defense together. Now, in the span of two years, the Titans have lost defensive linemen Travis LaBoy, Antwaan Odom, Antonio Johnson, and Haynesworth. That’s a lost of talent left to walk away.