Jon Solomon, miscredited earlier for the Albino story (sorry, Sam), might’ve gotten his ass kicked on the Anna Benson front today, but he has redeemed himself (for real this time) with the following item from the Associated Press :

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia fanatic is heading to federal prison.

It took a jury less than two hours on Thursday to convict Allan Carlson, 41, of sending out thousands of e-mails blasting the management of the Philadelphia Phillies.

He had listed sportswriters and team officials as the senders, so spam that bounced back went to them. As a result, people he named had their computers clogged with thousands of messages.

A federal prosecutor says reporters weren’t able to find their real e-mails in all the garbage.

Carlson, who’s been living with his parents in New Jersey, could get up to 41 months in federal prison.

Meanwhile, Ed Wade walks the streets a free man. Where’s the justice?