First, a small confession. I’m not really looking for Bob Uecker stories at 5:30 in the morning — I’m in London today. That said, if ever there was a news item worth waking up in the middle of the night to cut and paste, I think this would be it. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Bob Uecker, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Hall of Fame radio announcer, has filed a restraining order against a 45-year-old Illinois woman who has allegedly has been following Uecker, according to

An affidavit posted on the Web site states that Ann Ladd of Prospect Heights, Ill., first contacted Uecker, 72, about six or seven years ago. According to the document, Ladd has sent Uecker gifts and letters and had some encounters with the former catcher at Miller Park.

In the document, Uecker states that “Ladd’s pattern of harassment has escalated in both frequency and intensity, and has resulted in repeated and serious invasions of my personal privacy.”

Ladd cannot contact Uecker and has been ordered to stay 500 feet away from him, his car and his home.

I know you’re probably having a good laugh over this, but I think it’s very serious stuff. If, for example, a middle-aged woman were to come forward and claim that Jon Sterling was speaking directly to her during his Yankee broadcasts, I’d have to give her the benefit of the doubt.