From the AP (thanks to Jon Solomon for the link) :

Mike Sherman (above) cut short his weekly news conference Wednesday when a camera operator™s phone rang, and the team canceled quarterback Brett Favre™s weekly briefing when the culprit failed to ™fess up.

The cell phone went off about 16 minutes into what is normally about a 25-minute news conference when Sherman was in the middle of answering a question about his defense.

œI don™t understand that, Sherman, a former high school history teacher, said as he walked away from the podium in the media auditorium. œThat stuff to me, to be honest with you, is a total lack of respect for each other. Forget me, you don™t have to respect me. But respect each other.

wo weeks ago, Sherman chided an offending TV reporter, saying that the media would be œall over a player if he did something similar happened in a meeting.

Sherman has long banned cell phones in meetings.

œThat™s a big-time no-no, long snapper Rob Davis said. œBig-time. Really, really bad.

What would happen?

œYou™d get punched in the face, offensive coordinator Tom Rossley said. œEverybody in the room gets to punch you in the face. … It just doesn™t happen. It is not something that happens in this building.

In other overreacting-for-the-sake-of-it NFL news, Saints owner Tom Benson says he and his lovely family will not attend future games in Baton Rogue, citing “inadqueate to non-existent security”, claiming that he could’ve been “severely injured or killed” I totally know where Benson is coming from. I’ve stopped going to St. Edwards basketball for similar reasons.