…and gone for good in another day or so.  There’s a handful of tickets remaining for the CSTB group outing to Shea Stadium Monday evening, an event that not only commemorates the start of this blog’s 6th year in business, but also happens to feature a contest between two of the NL’s division leaders (as of this writing), Ben Schwartz’ Chicago Cubs versus the New York Metropolitans. It’s the final Monday regular season game at Shea, and who would you rather spend the evening with than me and 25 weirdos?  But enough about the Cubs, some of your favorite CSTB contributors and commentators will be in attendance, too. I don’t want to give away all of the special features I’ve put together with the assistance of the Mets’ marketing deparment, but suffice to say your mind will be blown when Repoz is introduced as the new trainer for Challenger, the enduring symbol of freedom.

Tickets are $11.50 (including all service charges), and you can pester me via info@cantstoptbleeding.com