The Daily Herald’s Bruce Miles might want to apply for combat pay. It’s safe to say that no other sportswriter this Sunday morning came up with a headline quite like “Consistent Attention Soothes Eyre™s Derriere.”

That said, it’s been another ass-kicking for Eyre’s pals on the Cubs pitching staff this afternoon, as the Nationals are leading, 7-1 through 8 innings. Alfonso Soriano has hit his 31st HR of the season, while Ryan Church hit his 5th. Tony Armas Jr. allowed just 3 hits and one earned run over 7 innings.

Incredibly, Bob Timmerman encountered some St. Louis Cardinals fans who acted like assholes. Seems farfetched to me.

Newsday’s Mark Herrmann hails the Atlantic League’s Long Island Ducks as “a class act from top to bottom.” As long as they aren’t paying John Rocker or Juan Gonzalez, there’s no reason to challenge that assessment.

6-4-2 reminds us that today marks the birthdays of both Pee Wee Reese and Don Drysdale. No mention, however, that July 23rd is also the birthday of Schottzie (above, right), but there’s a West Coast bias, presumably.

After witnessing the ugly reaction of Mets fans during today’s 8th inning at Shea, I think the following is long overdue : Derek Jeter needs to speak out in support of Aaron Heilman.