From the Daily Herald’s Bruce Miles.

Sources confirmed Saturday that the Cubs have let the Baltimore Orioles know they™re interested in trading for Tejada.

Those same sources say the Cubs and Orioles have not exchanged names or talked specifics of a trade, but that the Cubs have let the Orioles know they™re interested in running in the Tejada derby.

Know this, too, about the Orioles: They knew at this time last year that the Cubs were interested in moving disgruntled right fielder Sammy Sosa to Baltimore, and it still took the two sides until Feb. 2 to complete a deal.

If the Orioles can sell to their fan base the notion that they™re building for 2007 and 2008, the Cubs might fit their bill. The Cubs still have a number of young players they can deal, such as left-handed pitcher Rich Hill and righty Angel Guzman. Position players such as shortstop Ronny Cedeno, center fielder Felix Pie and first baseman Brian Dopirak have long been though of as œuntouchable, but a player the caliber of Tejada doesn™t come around very often, and the Cubs may throw all their rules out the window to land him.

The Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo reports the Red Sox have contacted Roger Clemens’ representatives about a possible reunion. Given the Rocket’s desire to spend so much time with his family, I’m not sure how Boston figures to be a contender for his services. Snow points out that the club made similiar concessions to Tom Seaver in 1986, but Tom Terrific wasn’t commuting to Texas.