Though a more responsible blog would be covering the exceptional defensive effort by Kurt Thomas on Tim Duncan (and Shawn Marion on Tony Parker) in last night’s 101-81 win for the Suns over the Spurs, I’m sorry to say I’m still a little hung up on old news. John Whisler of the San Antonio Express News chatted with boxing cut man par excellence Joe Souza about Nash’s schnozz and the gory scenes that have led to such a traffic boost for CSTB.

Souza said the trainer’s painstaking efforts to repair the injury to the bridge and down the side of Nash’s nose ” caused by an inadvertent collision with Spurs guard Tony Parker ” “didn’t impress me in the least.”

“It would have been fun to work on a cut like that,” Souza said. “In boxing, you have a minute between rounds, but I only have about 35 seconds to work. They had a lot longer and still couldn’t control it.”

Souza said he understood the urgency of the situation but said Suns officials shouldn’t have let Nash go back in the game.

Said Souza: “I’m glad he’s all right. But can you imagine what would have happened if he got hit again? I’m not saying it would have ended his career, but it could have hindered it.”

Souza said he would have used any number of coagulants available to control the blood.

If it had been a boxing match Sunday and not a basketball game, Souza has no doubt as to the outcome.

“The doctor would have stopped it,” he said.