Would the fans in Boulder have been so quick to pelt the Buffalo with rocks and garbage yesterday had they envisioned Colorado making it to the Big 12 Championship Game anyway? Kansas knocked off Iowa State earlier today, 24-21 on a Scott Webb 34 yard FG in overtime, giving the Cyclones a 6-5 record for the year and rending the Jayhawks eligible for a bowl.

(if the dramatic win over Iowa State wasn’t tonic enough for Mark Mangino, he also had a young man tell him he looks just like Bono in those cool glasses)

Iowa State’s Brent Culbertson missed a 41 yard FG in overtime that would’ve sent the Cyclones to Houston for next Saturday’s title game against Texas.

There’s no truth whatsoever to the rumor Bill Parcells has already invited Culbertson to Cowboys practice on Monday.