Fox Sports’ John Czarnecki has rubbed his crystal balls and forecasts the probable outcome if a team led by Marty Schottenheimer crashes out of the playoffs. Like that could ever happen.

It may seem insane for those close to Marty Schottenheimer to hear this, but if Bill Belichick and the Patriots come to San Diego and stuff L.T. and beat the Chargers you can bet the mortgage that Schottenheimer will be unemployed next Monday.

This is why Miami owner Wayne Huizenga should wait to see the outcome of this weekend™s playoff game. Schottenheimer, who hasn™t heard word one about an extension in San Diego after going 14-2 this season, basically doesn™t even talk much football with the team™s general manager, A.J. Smith. It definitely is the worst football marriage among the remaining playoff teams.

Schottenheimer will be 64 next September, and unlike his younger buddy, Bill Cowher, he definitely wants to keep coaching another four or five seasons.

There is no doubt that Schottenheimer is a solid coach. It™s his 5-12 playoff record that the Chargers are very concerned about. Smith and Dean Spanos believe they have a Super Bowl worthy team and if they don™t make it to Miami, well, you get the drift.

Smith might turn the job over to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. At least, those two men talk to one another.

The Providence Journal’s Bill Reynolds tackles the thony question of whether the Patriots hate the Hooded Casanova, and predictably concludes that all that matters is their deep, deep respect for this dynamic personality / fashion plate. And besides, coaches who are truly despised by their players are actually under contract for next season.