…the soon to launch MLB Network has announced the hiring of Al Leiter (above), former NESN fixture Hazel Mae and the ever-huggable Harold Reynolds. It’s not that great a story, but I’ll take any excuse to run the above jpg of Scott Kazmir’s most determined enemy.

From the dangerous minds think alike department, the New York Post’s Joel Sherman might be well advised to steer clear of the Eddie Kranepool Society’s Steve Keane.  Earlier today, the former proposed the Mets pursue White Sox closer Bobby Jenks…three weeks after Keane made a similar suggestion.

I give Sherman credit for putting this out on a Wednesday when that™s my day to take care of things around the house so blogging takes a back seat with me. Also Joel if you need ideas for your column just e mail me and we can work out a payment schedule like stand up comics do for jokes from other comics even though I just some dumb ass blogger (not in my basement today but in my dining room and I™m full dressed as I post this). You might as well take my trade scenario the whole way and throw AJ Pierzynski in the deal as well.