The leading lights of Boston’s radio & TV sports world have their ’06 performances reviewed by Mediablitz’ John Molori.  If Bob Gamere wasn’t still alive, he’d be rolling over in his grave.

Me First Award: Steve Burton, WBZ. Burton showed a blatant disregard for decency in revealing that Bruins rookie Phil Kessel was suffering from testicular cancer against the Kessel family™s wishes. Let™s hope no one ever does such a dastardly deed to Burton™s family.

He Hate You Award: Gerry Callahan, WEEI. Callahan continued his nosedive into anger and bigotry by ignorantly trashing homosexuals, illegal immigrants, people with tattoos and a bevy of other groups. Oh yeah, he also told Red Sox fans that Manny Ramirez hates them. I™m sure kids got a real hoot out of that gem.

Don™t Go Changin™ Award: Bob Lobel, WBZ. He has taken some personal and critical shots over the past couple of years, but no one looks at Boston sports with as critical an eye as Lobel. He knows a real story from a really stupid story and his approach is one of healthy cynicism.

Not Me Award: Glenn Ordway, WEEI. Ordway has become a waffling caricature, seldom making any specific points about anything. He also backpedaled when the Boston Globe asked him about his ties to Fred Smerlas™ Patriots™ tailgate business, a business that Ordway™s œBig Show promotes with vigor.

Big Fat Hypocrite Award: Jason Wolfe, WEEI. Wolfe suspended and eventually fired WRKO™s John DePetro for insulting comments toward homosexuals, but continues to enable and encourage Gerry Callahan in doing the same and then some. Hmm, what did Callahan do for Wolfe to earn such misguided loyalty? Media Blitz is digging as we speak.