Other than the odd box score or hunting for video highlights, I don’t spend a ton of time purusing NBA.com. And perhaps that’s my loss, because had I not stumbled across the Association’s inhouse site earlier today, I would probably have forgotten to TiVo tonight’s episode of “Tuesday Night With Amhad”. Not only is the legendary Michael Jordan ass-licker Vikings receiver hosting the shy and retiring Damon Jones tonight, but he’ll also be joined by Darvin Ham. Who may or may not be ready to dish the dirt on the arson charges his mother’s facing.

Elsewhere on NBA.com, haiku specialist Flea blames himself for the Lakers’ recent losses to Charlotte and San Antonio (it seems the bassist recently shared a moment or two with Sean May and Emeka Okafor, insisting “meeting those guys was such a great experience,”) but takes exception to the notion there are any gimmes in the NBA.

“Denial and arrogance are not the stones of which a mighty castle is built,” proclaims Flea. You know, when Danny Fortson eventually beats Peter Vescey to death, the Post might have a lead on a new “Hoops Du Jour” author.