…is only slightly less tiresome than CSTB’s fixation with Deadspin.

Calling attention to a not so proud moment for ESPN.com’s Rob Neyer isn’t the least relevant item in Deadspin’s brief history, though you do have to wonder if the matter wasn’t properly covered over a year ago. Anonymous comments and/or people pretending to be hstencil are the lifeblood of CSTB, so I can’t really condemn Neyer. For one thing, the book he blasted completely sucks. For another, he manages to have something interesting to say more often than not, a charge which cannot be aimed at the NYC based ambulance chaser in question.

Bill Simmons, is of course, a frequently discussed subject over at The Interweb’s Lamest New Offering, to which I can only respond, “who fucking cares?” What reasonable person over the age of 10 (with apologies to Alex Reimer) gives a hoot other than those who desperately covet Simmons’ pubishing contract and/or TV gig?