From the St. Petersberg Times’ Abby Vansickle.

A 17-year-old foster girl living with a relative of Elijah Dukes told police the Devil Rays outfielder got her pregnant.Detectives believe the sex was consensual and no crime was commited, but the incident has sparked a state investigation into the foster home.

The girl, expected to give birth Nov. 5, told investigators she and Dukes had consensual sex on the living room sofa. She said Dukes got angry when she and another person confronted him about the pregnancy.

“Yeah, we sat down and told him and he got mad and threw a Gatorade at me,” she told investigators.

Dukes’ mother, Phyllis Dukes, said she didn’t know about the allegations.
“He’s doing well on the field,” she said. “He’s doing so good. It’s just every time he turns around there’s something coming at him.”