From the St. Petersberg Times’ Damien Cristodero :

The seven Tampa Bay Devil Rays who wore Hooters too-short tank tops and orange shorts on the way home from New York as part of the annual rookie hazing certainly turned some heads.

Most, though, turned away.

“They were all pretty ugly,” pitcher Doug Waechter said. “Hopefully I won’t have to see that ever again.”

Pitchers Tim Corcoran, Chad Orvella and Scott Kazmir , outfielders Joey Gathright, Jonny Gomes and Damon Hollins and catcher Pete Laforest were on display as the team walked through LaGuardia Airport to its charter.

“Boy they looked terrible,” Piniella said. “I felt bad for our young players. I really did. Imagine having to walk through a crowded airport.”

Waechter said, tongue in cheek, it wasn’t all bad. “Corcoran had a good look with the chest hair flowing.” he said.

If that wasn’t humiliation enough, check out what the D-Rays rookies are expect to wear for the rest of the season.