A perennial subject of trade rumors, Grizzlies C Lorenzen Wright tells the Memphis Commercial Appeal’s Geoff Calkins he isn’t going anywhere. Especially not jail.

“They always say they’re going to trade me, and I’m always here at the end,” he said. “It happens every summer.”

Ahhhhh, but every summer isn’t like this summer, when Wright went from favorite son to favorite subject on sports talk radio.

He asked to be traded.

People hooted at that.

He complained about the Grizzlies cutting back on their contributions to his camp.

The hoots got louder.

He was the subject of a police report that alleged he went looking for his wife at another man’s house, kicked down a door and pointed a gun at someone’s head.

“There was no gun,” he said.

Why would the police report say there was?

“Because they had to make up something when nobody would talk to them,” he said.

Hmmm. The same police who then tried to bury the report to protect Wright? That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

“There was no gun,” he said.