From ANSA :

Lazio striker Paolo Di Canio is to stop the Fascist salutes that landed him in hot water and caused an international furore before Christmas .

In December the player, who makes no secret of his rightwing sympathies, repeated the straight-armed salute he first gave at a Roma-Lazio derby last January 6 .

Last month’s salute was his third in a year. Despite a wave of condemnation from soccer officials, politicians and members of Italy’s Jewish community, Di Canio had insisted he would continue to make the gesture .

But he announced a U-turn Tuesday on a radio broadcast for Lazio supporters .

“I have reflected a great deal and decided to put the good of Lazio ahead of my interests,” he said. “For the moment I’ll avoid certain forms of behaviour in public, gestures that some feel are evil.”

“I will continue my battle for liberty in other arenas, through the lawyers who protect me,” he said. “To the Lazio public, I say, don’t worry. All we need to understand each other is a look.”