On their daily XM yackfest yesterday, Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble fielded a call from a particularly long-winded acolyte who professed to being halfway through Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball”, though unimpressed (as though said tome had a particular doctrine to follow). “Have you guys read it?” asked Mr. First Time/Long Time.

“Ah….no.” replied Dibs.

“I haven’t read the book….and I have no desire to do so,” said Kennedy, adding “but I’ve talked with Eric Karros who told me that if he knew what kind of things were going on in Oakland, he never would have signed with them last season. He couldn’t believe they were running a baseball team.”

Karros, by the way, hit .194, with an OBP of .243 and a slugging percentage of .311 in 40 games for the Athletics last season. Clearly, this distinguished vet was the victim of discrimination on the part of laptop wielding stat-freaks. His failure to catch on with another club is just another example of the Beane/Lewis cabal’s ability to blackball the kind of guys whose attributes can’t so easily be measured on a spreadsheet.