Having already run afoul of Washington’s coaching staff during his brief tenure as Nats color commentator, MASN’s Rob Dibble (above) is apparently a boor in multiple mediums. Nationals blogger Miss Chatter describes herself as “a bit taken aback at Dibble™s liberal use of the ‘block’ feature” on Twitter.

WHAT?! Ok, so this is weird. I consider myself a pretty amicable person who gets along with everyone and has a decent pulse on the Nats fanbase. I also get along with most media members and broadcasters (both radio and television). One television broadcaster has mentioned me during game broadcasts a handful of times this season and we™ve emailed back and forth about me teaching him how to effectively use Twitter (someday). His partner has mentioned his Twitter name (@rdibs49) during broadcasts and encouraged followers. I™ve been following him for a while (since before he started mentioning it during games) and kind of thought he should totally be following me to learn about the Nats fanbase. However, I discovered this afternoon that he apparently blocked me and I have no idea why. Talk about awkward!

For someone representing the ballclub who is supposed to help fans understand the game and remain faithful to the club, this is surprising to me and something I would consider a clueless act when it comes to social media. You don™t publicly pick fights with fans of the club you represent for one (which he has done, but then deleted later). Well, maybe œpick fights isn™t the correct phrase ” retaliate is more appropriate. I wasn™t going to mention that before¦ And you don™t ostracize one of the longer-tenured, vocal and influential fans. I™ve seen broadcasters come and go and will probably still be around long after someone else is in the Nats Park booth. So I™m trying not to take it personally, but am still puzzled.

(link courtesy Baseball Think Factory)