Hi, Gerald. I’m writing to tell you about some promotional events happening at Outback Steakhouse around the NCAA Men™s Final Four Basketball Championship.

At Outback, if you order one of its limited time Bloomin™ Birthday entrée specials with a Coke Zero, you’ll receive one of four Coca-Cola Zero NCAA commemorative glasses (while supplies last). Each glass is designed with an NCAA Final Four “memorable moment.” With your Coke Zero and Bloomin™ Birthday Entrée order, you™ll also get the chance to win tickets to next year™s NCAA Men™s Final Four.

Everyone who purchases a Coke Zero and Bloomin™ Birthday Entrée order will also receive a gift certificate for a free Bloomin™ Onion in celebration of Outback™s 20th anniversary of the appetizer. The Bloomin™ Onion is Outback™s signature dish and the first item on the menu 20 years ago.

I have additional press documents I can send if you’re interested, or you can visit (REDACTED) or I can also send you a set of the commemorative glasses if you’re interested, or a $25 gift card to visit Outback. That way you can check these out for yourself or give it away to your readers.

Thanks so much for your time and please let me know if you have any questions or I can follow up in any way.


Charlie Kondek
Director of New Media Relations
MS&L Digital
office: 734-XXX-XXXX

Sorry, Charlie. It’s a tempting offer, but one that would violate another company’s exclusivity. Perhaps you’re not aware, but Sizzler is The Official Crap Steakhouse Of CSTB.

That said, there’s an MLB.com employee who might finally be ready to move up to your client’s establishment.