With Knicks President Donnie Walsh mulling over a two-year extension offer, what could be his biggest regret about his last 3 years (allegedly) in charge at the World’s Most Dysfunctional Arena ; the prospect of Isiah Thomas breathing down his neck or the club’s superstars continuing to diss Charlie Rose? If we’re to believe the New York Post’s Marc Berman, it’s mostly the former.

Walsh, who is close to finalizing a new deal with the Knicks, is confident he no longer needs to be threatened by the dark cloud of Thomas, according to two people familiar with the situation. Walsh is expected to be granted permission to hire his successor as a central part of a new agreement that should be formally announced shortly. A two-year contract extension has been discussed.

The sources told The Post Dolan has remained friendly with Thomas but no longer trusts him to the point of giving him another basketball job. Last August, Dolan hired Thomas as a part-time consultant amid a vicious public backlash, but the NBA blocked the move, citing a conflict of interest because he was a college head coach at Florida International University.

Walsh also wants in his new agreement assurance marketing executives won’t be permitted to speak to player agents to arrange guest appearances without his approval.

Amar’e Stoudemire appeared on Letterman twice and George Lopez once. Anthony was on Letterman, and they both made a cameo on Sesame Street without Walsh’s knowledge