The Cubs are talking to Milton Bradley and Dusty Baker would rather not say if he likes managing the club. For Jay Mariotti, this is like two columns writing themselves.

From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Mike Kiley.

Dusty Baker refused to respond Tuesday when asked whether he liked managing the Cubs, living and working in Chicago and interacting with the Wrigley Field faithful.

He was questioned about the likability of all three areas with one year left on his four-year contract and gave a surprisingly noncommittal reply.

“I’d like to not really comment on any of that until some day when it’s over,” he said. “I was always taught to let history be the judge. At the end of my regime here, then I’ll look back and can make an assessment. At this time, I’m still in the moment.”

Baker was asked about a perception last season that he wasn’t thrilled about being in Chicago. Not being able to acknowledge that he enjoys his job, the city and Cubs fans is sure to feed into more of that type of speculation.

“Hey, man, I’ve been perceived in more false ways since I have been in Chicago than I have my whole career, almost,” he said. “Just different things. Perception, that don’t bother me. I got a job to do.

“Supposedly, I was going to five teams last year, remember? I’m still here, like I told you I would be. I’m here to win. That’s why I came here.”