Sort of.  Not in any way bitter over the Cubs allowing him to walk at the end of his 2006 season, Reds skipper Dusty Baker has words of warning for current Chicago manager Dale Sveum, telling’s Patrick Mooney, “In ’04, we kind of stood pat and even subtracted…we didn’t reload. That would have been the time to reload when you’re getting close. They reloaded after I left.”

“From my experience, patience wasn’t a real virtue here,” Dusty Baker said Monday. “They’ve been patient for a hundred years. That’s a hard sell in Chicago – more patience. They might be patient for a little while, but unlike any other place I’ve been, they count. People count. They can add real good in Chicago. Everybody – men, women and children.”

“The national anthem is my favorite time of the day,” Baker said. “During those three hours, the game’s the same. The difference is what happens and what’s entailed before the game and after the game. That’s the difference and the vibes that you get, positively and negatively, from everything involved.”