Houston’s Brian Ching (above) became the 9th player in MLS history to score 4 goals in a game this evening, as the Dynamo won their inaugural match against Colorado, 5-2.

Houston’s Alejandro Moreno became the 20,000th player in MLS history to attempt an awkward version of the Macarena after he scored the Dyanmo’s meaningless 5th goal on a 92nd minute bicycle kick.

In totally unrelated Houston news, Austin, TX’s palatial Backroom will be hosting a Vince Young Appreciation Party, along with a mixtape release party for Dollars-N-Since. The bill includes appearances by Trae & SLAB w/ special guest Hawk, Mr. 3-2 & Vince Young. I don’t know if Brian Ching will make it, but if not, it’s his loss.