Without humor as a distinctly recognizable element, satire can be, well, a total drag. Without even the tiniest element of truth attatched, it can also be a pointless exercise in “hey, look at me.”

But enough about the past 33 months of CSTB. We’ve already heard from Mark Fisher on the World Cup, now onto the wit and wisdom of Shelley The Republican.

(almost definetley the wrong Shelley)

Basically, from what I could work out, this soccer is just American football for fags. It™s a no contact sport (no contact while the ball is in play anyway; afterwards it™s seems to be all the players can do to keep their hands off each other) and it™s so sappy that they don™t even need to wear helmets or body armor.

It seems to me to be nothing more than a way for liberal propagandists to fill television screens around the world with unholy man-love and to promote the idea that Brazilians are actually good at something other than living in slums and voting in Communist rulers. (Brazil always seem to win the œWorld Cup, although I™m led to believe that this means nothing as the whole thing is fixed by the mafia).