….or King’s X tickets have gone on sale. Writes David Roth,

Not that we’re terribly likely to be seeing him again this year, but here’s a Piazza photo to keep handy in case you need it. Like in case he embarrasses himself at a Soulfly concert or something.

As for last night: awesome, an absolute me-high-fiving-my-girlfriend Mets moment. I think you’re right on in your post, but while it’s hard to imagine Castro staying on this sort of pace, a month-long emergence of just one bottom of the order hitter — Jacobs may not be it, but Castro or Diaz could easily be, and my dark-horse is Matsui (admittedly a very, very dark horse) — changes the whole equation. Good times, for the time being.

Thanks, David. Though for the record, it should be stressed that Milton Bradley says he was just high-fiving his wife, too.