He may be 1-5 as a starting QB in the NFL, but it’s the the “1” that we’ll be thinking about in the off-season. Eli Manning, a favored whipping boy around these parts, was very sharp on a game winning drive with less than 2:00 left (helped in no small measure by a roughing the passer penalty), the Giants coming from behind to beat the Cowboys, 28-24 in a meaningless finale for both clubs. Tiki Barber’s 3 yard TD on a draw play put the veteran RB ahead of Rodney Hampton as the Giants’ all-time rushing leader (6926 to Hampton’s 6987 ; Barber (above) had already passed Joe Morris for New York’s single season mark earlier in the evening.

Speculation was that this might’ve been the last game in the 18 year career of Dallas QB Vinnie Testaverde — and if you’re a Cowboys fan, you ougha hope so. In contrast to the Giants situation, in which Manning has shown genuine growth over his 6 game trial-by-fire, Dallas has no reasonable assurance Drew Henson will be capable of anything tougher than clipboard duty next year.

Keyshawn Johnson marked his return to the Meadowlands by Just Breaking His Damn Ankle during the second quarter