If you only thought it was Super Bowl pregame rhetoric that was over scrutinized, think again. ESPN radio overnight host Jason Smith reviewed post game comments from Tom Brady, The Hooded Casanova and Randy Moss and was struck by what he thought to be their nonchalant tone.

“Either the New England Patriots are classier than we thought,” sneered Smith (above), “or they’re all robots in New England.”

Admittedly, the Hooded Casanova was characteristically non-expressive. His comments to Fox’s Chris Meyers were strained, brief and awkward, even by contemporary Belichick standards. But Smith seemed a mite too outraged over the lack of tears from the Patriots’ record-setting QB and WR tandem. “Do they even realize they just lost a Super Bowl?” bellowed Smith.

Let’s just pretend for a minute that after being sacked 5 times and knocked down 18, Brady had come to the podium and insisted, ala John Kitna, “we’re still the better team”. Imagine if you will, a scenarion in which instead of giving the Giants sincere props for playing a masterful game, Randy Moss had stated “they didn’t show me anything”.

How might Smith and his colleagues have reacted? We’d not hear the end of what sore-fucking-losers these Patriots are. Simply put, after blowing their chance to make history, the Patriots are fucked no matter what they say publicly. But let’s tone down the hysteria for at least the next day or two. If you wanna criticize the New England’s sieve-like offensive line, go right ahead. If you wanna wonder why the normally reliable Rodney Harrison couldn’t dislodge the football from David Tyree’s grasp, fair enough. But Smith’s analysis of whether or not the Pats’ superstars are even bothered by yesterday’s loss is the exactly the sort of simplemindedness…that you’d ordinarily expect to hear from Colin Cowherd.