(Henry Abbott at True Hoop was fully on top of the below story this past Monday)

Last month, the Nation’s Dave Zirin took issue with Mike Krzyzeswski and Jerry Colangelo’s attempts to dress up USA Basketball players in military fatigues and use injured serviceman as morale props during the FIBA World Championships.  The Wizards’ Etan Thomas was critical of the practice, leading the Washington Times’ Tom Knott to opine ;

Etan Thomas (above) supports the troops but not the war in Iraq, which is not unlike supporting the Wizards but not the games in the NBA.

He questioned the practice of having wounded veterans speak to the players, as if culling the insights of the brave and noble was somehow wrong.

Would any company or group seeking the wisdom of a wounded veteran be wrong as well?

Do these wounded veterans not possess a unique character that would be helpful to those in a wide range of endeavors, such as a company looking to improve morale and the bottom line?

His screeds masquerading as poetic musings touch the customary talking points of the far left.

He sees all kinds of social inequities in America. He sees poverty, racism and the broken-down public schools of the inner city. He sees that which he disdains but offers no solutions.

Darkness is inevitably a tough sell, even more so for a person who lives incredibly well.

To ease some of the injustices and inequities, at least in his tiny corner of the world, Thomas could start with himself.

He could start performing at a level worthy of his contract.

While Zirin’s pithy response can be found at True Hoop, I’ll add a note of my own.  If being an overpaid, mediocre talent in a given field precludes someone from having a valid political point of view, Knott’s even more fucked than Thomas.  Seriously, being called an underachiever by a writer from the Washington Times is sort of like John Kruk making fun of your haircut.