From the Greely Tribune’s Tom Wright. (link courtesy Jon Solomon)

Northern Colorado punter Mitch Cozad brought a whole new meaning to the word “shank” Monday night.

In a move only Tanya Harding can appreciate, Evans police allege Cozad, a Northern Colorado backup punter, stabbed Bears starting punter Rafael Mendoza in the back of his right thigh Monday evening in the parking lot of Mendoza’s Evans apartment.

Mendoza was treated and released for stab wounds that evening while Cozad was arrested at 6 p.m. Tuesday, shortly after being kicked off the football team and expelled from the university earlier in the day.

Sources say that after Cozad committed the second-degree assault on Mendoza, Cozad fled the scene in his own car with personalized plates.


I guess the scholarship he was receiving to stand on the sideline and kick a ball every day in practice wasn’t enough.

No, he had to give Bears starters one more reason to watch their back.

(As if being outscored 83-10 in the first two games wasn’t enough. Now they have to keep track of who’s whittling wood chips into weapons on the bench.)

There’s no truth to the rumor that Cozad’s been offered a tryout with the Bengals.