(incompetent, defensive, unwilling to accept criticism.. but enough about the guy on the right)

In the wake of the Nationals’ embarrassing 3-1 loss to the Mets Sunday, warm and cuddly Frank Robinson didn’t reserve his most scathing remarks for Marlon Anderson’s fielding or Ryan Zimmerman (The True Story Of A Man Who Could Only Count To Number Two), but instead, for Brian Schneider’s work behind the plate. From CBS Sportsline.

There were more miscues that upset Robinson, including errors by Schneider and second baseman Marlon Anderson that led to an unearned run in the seventh. He also didn’t like the pitch John Rauch threw to Michael Tucker.

“It wasn’t location. It was selection of pitch, period,” Robinson said. “That’s all that is — a catcher and a pitcher not being in tune with the situation.”

Told about those remarks, Schneider responded: “There are 160 pitches a game and if he wants to say that about one pitch and one time during the game, he has that opinion, he is entitled to that opinion. Obviously you don’t want to throw a pitch exactly where it was. If the pitch was in a different location we would’ve had a different result.”

Moments later, Schneider was asked about his throwing error on David Wright’s steal attempt that helped produce the Mets’ tying run in the seventh. That’s when the catcher began cursing and yelling and knocked over a chair on his way out of the room.

The Washington Post’s Barry Svrluga writes there was also an interesting exchange regarding Schneider’s throwing error on David Wright’s attempt steal of 2nd in the top of the 7th.

Afterward, Robinson was asked if Schneider — who battled shoulder problems late last season — was healthy enough to throw as well as he had in the past. “Ask Schneider,” Robinson said.

Schneider, in the midst of a large group of reporters after the game, was asked if he was healthy. “I’m not hurt,” he said sharply. Uncharacteristically, he stormed back to the players’ lounge, slamming a chair on the way. “How many times do I have to say it?” he shouted.